QualityBiddersSM, a web-based tool that scores and pre-qualifies contractors to work on California public agency projects.
  • Formal and informal (CUPCCAA) bidding pre-qualification
  • Quick and easy to use software for school districts and bidders
  • Contractor completes one online questionnaire for submission to one or more school districts — save as you go, submit when complete
  • Free to contractor — attracts largest pool of qualified contractors for district projects
  • Districts view questionnaires, required documentation, and automated scoring on-line to quickly qualify or disqualify bidders
  • Dashboards provide quick review of qualified contractor pools by license — easily notify prequalified bidders of upcoming projects
  • Automated email notifications keep pre-qualifications current
  • Augmented staff services to review financials, review submitted documents, and conduct reference checks
Contractor Instructions for formally bid public projects
Contractor Instructions for CUPCCAA (informally bid) public projects